Eyes Looking Back At You...

One of my favorite things to do with on a photoshoot is to take some portraits. They are the most canon, natural, and beautiful images I have ever created in my life. I always like to think that taking a portrait is like having eyes look back at you, along with a person's soul. Being so close to a person with a camera can often make them blush and get flustered, but if you take enough photos and make them laugh, you can get absolute magic and beauty.

Just like any other photo, the background is still essential, no matter how much of it is in the picture. The background is used to accentuates and frames the subject, so using a color palette that corresponds with their skin color or outfit will help create a cohesive photo. Along with the background, using props or body positioning will help add more richness to the scene. For example, the 3rd picture above shows the girl running her hand through her hair, allowing for a more inviting and dynamic gesture towards the viewer. The use of props in many of my images, gives the subject something to hold, creating a more pleasing visual for the viewer and provides more color and warmth to the subject.

Overall, portraits are a fantastic way to start learning photography. There are relatively easy and require less space for the subject and photographer!

Here is some additional information on methods of taking portraits and how to use emotions to get the best and truest reaction from the subject


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